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JOEY JORDISON's VIMIC Releases New Song 'Fail Me (My Temple)' Featuring DAVE MUSTAINE

VIMIC, the band founded by Grammy Award-winning SLIPKNOT co-founder Joey Jordison, has signed a global deal with Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) and T-Boy Records, UMe's label partnership with rock manager, Andy Gould.

VIMIC's debut album, "Open Your Omen", is expected to arrive in early 2018 and signals the biggest triumph of Jordison's illustrious career to date, coming into existence as he faced his life's most difficult challenge. The album was produced by Jordison and Kato Khandwala (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, THE PRETTY RECKLESS), with mixing and mastering assistance from MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine, who guests on "Open Your Omen"'s first single, "Fail Me (My Temple)", which is out today.

Diagnosed in 2012 with the often-permanently debilitating neurological condition, acute transverse myelitis, Jordison, who was then SLIPKNOT's drummer, spent three months in hospital and subsequently underwent intensive physical rehabilitation to not only achieve a full recovery, but to reach a new level of proficiency with his instrument. After emerging from this battle and returning to the stage for a string of festival appearances, SLIPKNOT parted ways with him.

Finding new strength via support from close friends and family, Jordison resolved to get back to doing what he does best. Enter VIMIC: Jordison (drums), Kalen Chase (vocals), Jed Simon (guitar), Kyle Konkiel [bass), Matt Tarach (keyboards) and Steve Marshall (guitar).

VIMIC is also set to support MEGADETH on several South American tour dates starting October 29 in Santiago, Chile, before heading to Europe to headline a string of selected tour dates in November.

"This album wails!" says Mustaine. "Joey Jordison and VIMIC are incredible. High-octane drumming and heavy, melodic songs make this band something you definitely need to check out! I dig them so much I laid a solo down on one of their songs, 'Fail Me (My Temple)'. From there, we decided to take them on tour with us down to South America where MEGADETH is massive."

"The riffs, lyrics, and drums of 'Open Your Omen' will tell you a lot," Jordison says. "We started this record when I was coming out of the acute transverse myelitis condition. It's literally what saved me and helped me get back to where I'm healthier than ever. These guys and this album pushed me to not only relearn how to walk, but how to play the drums again. 'Open Your Omen' is the rebirth of the rest of my life."

The freshest new name in punk-influenced rock, BARB WIRE DOLLS, will release their electrifying new album, Rub My Mind, July 7, 2017 via Mot�rhead Music.

The band is touring all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour in support of the album! Along the way, BARB WIRE DOLLS have met many fans, new and old, face-to-face - hearing their personal stories and bonding over a mutual love of rock music. But one young fan's story, in particular, really stuck with the band - a 15-year-old girl who expressed that she was considering taking her own life, but after discovering BARB WIRE DOLLS and listening to their messages of self-love and self-empowerment, was inspired to find new ways to use her inner strength to live a more joyous life and help others who are experiencing similar struggles. This story greatly touched lead singer Isis Queen, who also battled with suicidal thoughts at a young age.

Coincidentally, the band's new track, "If I Fall", focuses on topics of suicide and just wanting to give up on life in itself. Today, BARB WIRE DOLLS have teamed up with Alternative Press to not only premiere this track, but to also share a statement from Isis Queen about her own personal struggles with self-loathing, and how giving up is never the answer. Listen to "If I Fall" and read Isis' statement here:

In her statement, Isis Queen says, "I'm extremely grateful that I'm alive today and that our music and message of self-empowerment and self-realization has been able to reach others who have felt the way I did before. Our new track, "If I Fall", was written about this important issue and I hope it can open up rusty portals in someone's mind to look beyond suicide and take the challenge that life gives us - and to create a fulfilling, good life for themselves. If we can inspire anyone to make any sort of positive change, that is our mission."

Read the remainder of Isis' story via Alternative Press.

While online, check out BARB WIRE DOLLS' previously released single,"Back in the U.S.S.A.", here via the official music video:

Rub My Mind orders:



Rub My Mind was recorded in the Joshua Tree desert at legendary studio Rancho De La Luna in California, where Iggy Pop and Queens Of The Stone Age made their seminal albums. Produced and mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Evanescene, John Fogerty, Bush), Rub My Mind is a collection of thirteen eclectic tracks that reflect on the state of our world, how to deal with it - and how to escape it! Rub My Mind builds on the energetic platform of their last two releases - Slit (2013) and Desperate (2016) - delivering an album that confidently grabs your immediate attention. Rub My Mind's soundscape blends the melodic rage of lead guitarist and former pro surfer and skateboarder Pyn Doll, the crunchy rhythm guitar of Remmington, the pulsating bass of Iriel Blaque, the Bonham-esque power of Krash Doll on drums; all led by Isis Queen's dynamic vocals and flamboyant presence. Dedicated to legend Lemmy,�the album is an exciting retro cocktail of late '70s influenced punk and '90s grunge refracted through the prism of 2017.

Rub My Mind track listing:
1.� Back In The U.S.S.A.
2.� If I Fall
3.� Desert Song
4.� Hole Of Isolation
5.� Gold
6.� Call Me
7.� We Are Champions
8.� Edge Of Innocence
9.� Fade Away
10. Contract
11. Where Mountains Drink The Wine
12. Fire To Burn
13. Waiting To Be Lost (**track not available on vinyl)

Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete, BARB WIRE DOLLS sold everything they owned and left crisis-ridden Greece in 2010 for Los Angeles, at the invite of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. The band's electrifying rock did not go unnoticed by the elder statesman of the Sunset Strip, the incomparable, irreplaceable Lemmy Kilmister of Mot�rhead. After seeing BARB WIRE DOLLS live, Lemmy took an immediate interest in the band and had them signed to the�Mot�rhead Music record label.�

Having played over eight hundred shows in 25 countries, and with an extensive and diverse live support under their belt, including the likes of GBH, Status Quo, NOFX and Steel Panther, BARB WIRE DOLLS are currently delivering their live assault to fans all over North America on the legendary Vans Warped Tou

May 31, 2017 (New York, NY) ?

Projected unveil new EPK for their just announced Rat Pak Records release Ignite My Insanity in-stores worldwide on July 21st. The EPK can be seen at� CLHx6HENZus.�The two-disc collection is currently available for pre-order in various configurations at Projected. Ignite My Insanity is the long awaited follow-up to the 2012 self-released debut album, Human from the band comprised of�Sevendust�guitarist�John Connolly,�Alter Bridge/Creed�drummer�Scott Phillips,�Sevendust�bassist� Vinnie Hornsby�and�Tremonti�guitarist �Eric ?E-ROCK? Friedman.�

On the subject of�Projected?s�new record,�John Connolly�comments, ?There are four very strong personalities in this band. Everyone has been in the business doing various things, from Alter Bridge�to�Creed�to�Sevendust�t o Tremonti and it took all those elements and sounds to make this album what it is!?

Scott Phillips�adds, ?We?re all part of other bands that we?ve put our heart and soul and life into and this was just a chance to extend that into somewhat of a different direction."

Guitarist�Eric ?E-Rock? Friedman�comments, ?When I think�Projected, the first words that come to my mind is a very raw and honest band.��Things aren?t overthought. It?s very organic.?�

Says bassist�Vinnie Hornsby,�?We?ve been playing so long together, you know it?s kinda' like a marriage to a certain degree, it really warms my heart to be able to play with my friends and these great musicians.?

Projected formed in 2012 when longtime friends John Connolly (Sevendust), Vinnie Horsnby (Sevendust), Scott Phillips (Alter Bridge/Creed) and Eric ?E-Rock? Friedman (Tremonti) decided to create some music together. While all members are successful in their mainstay bands, Projected afforded the members a chance to explore some different ideas musically. In September 2012, the band self-released their debut album Human and is currently looking for breaks in their respective schedules to bring the music to their fans in a live setting.�

Facebook: Projectedband/

Twitter: @Projected1

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